OMarker FL-20W

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Fiber-optic laser marking engraver, 20 W

OMarker FL-20W is a universal desktop laser marker with the ability to cut gold plates up to 0.5 mm thick. It is intended for fast and effective information printing on the surface of jewelry and any other souvenir or promotional products. A universally effective working field makes it possible to locate for marking even such dimensional objects as a laptop or tablet. It allows to mark all metal and non-metallic materials, as well as equipped with a mechanical pivoting device for accurate and continuous 360 ° markings inside or outside rings and bracelets. In jewelry production it is used to apply names, logos, cutting thin products in the manufacture of gold lining.

Specifications of laser marker:

  • Laser type: Fiber Laser
  • Maximum power output: 20W
  • Wave length: 1064 nM
  • Focus diameter: 0.04 mm
  • Single-pulse energy: 20-200kHz
  • Scanning linear speed: 7000 mm/s;
  • Ripple frequency: 20 kHz to 30 kHz
  • Working area: 200х200 mm 
  • Cooling type: Air cooling system
  • Nominal rating power: 500 W
  • Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz
  • Exterior dimensions: 750x200x500 mm
  • Weight: 60 kg.

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