PRIMO 3000

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Galvanizing plant 3000 ml

PRIMO3000 is a galvanizing plant for applying decorative coatings on metal products. They are used for gilding, silvering, copper plating, nickel plating, rhodium plating and other galvanic coatings. The peculiarity of this device is a voltage and current settings switch which allows not to reconfigure these characteristics at each stage of the coating process. This allows you to eliminate operator errors and speed up the coating process. All three galvanic baths are equipped with magnetic stirring and heating with digital thermostats.


  • Power supply: ~220 V 50 Hz;
  • Maximum current consumption, no more than: 5.0 A;
  • Nominal heater power: 500 W;
  • Current of galvanic process, no more than: 25 А;
  • Voltage applied to the electrodes, no more than: 12 V;
  • Number of independent sections: 3;
  • Working capacity (for each section): 3000 ml chemical glass;
  • Electrolyte temperature: +20 … + 70 °С;
  • Accuracy of temperature setting/maintaining: ± 1 °С;
  • Operating temperature range of the station: + 5С … + 40°С;
  • Dimensional specifications(LWH): 600х300х450 mm 
  • Weight, no more than: 10 kg

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