JS Mill is organized by like-minded professionals who have been working in the jewelry industry since the mid-1990s.

Faced with the problem of a small selection of quality multifunctional machine tools for jewelers and their very high price, we have developed our own equipment. For this, our staff has professional engineers, designers and connoisseurs of jewelry business.


As a result of joint work, in 2011 we created WM-1400 4-axis milling and engraving machine for jewelers. The machine's capabilities allow to mill materials such as wax, amber, tusk, pressed stone, plastic, wood, stabilized wood and other materials hardness of which is 4 on the Mohs scale, and also engrave soft metals and alloys. The specialists of the company are constantly working on upgrading the WM-1400 machine, making new accessories.

In 2012, JS Mill presented a WM-1400 PRO J 4-axis milling and engraving machine. . This machine has a reinforced design and a brushless spindle of 300W capacity, which allows working with solid materials without stress on the main machine components, significantly reducing their wear. A year later, JS Mill takes one more step forward and in 2013 introduces the WM-1500 5-axis milling and engraving machine. The machine processes jewelry completely from all sides, including in areas that were previously considered inaccessible in conventional CNC milling machines. The use of this technology makes it possible to completely eliminate the need to reinstall the workpiece or reconfigure the machine for milling different parts of the future model.


By 2017 the company was firmly entrenched in the market of CNC machines for jewelers. JS Mill milling and engraving machines are successfully sold in Ukraine, CIS countries, EU countries and even in Asia. Democratic prices and ease of using JS Mill machines attract jewelers-beginners from all over the world every year, and reliability and accuracy attract jewelers. Our machines are in no way inferior to expensive overseas analogues, and in some respects they are even better. A huge advantage of the company is free training and technical support of its customers. Not wishing to dwell on what has been achieved in 3D modeling, in the spring of 2017, the company produces the first 3D printer of Ukrainian origin called JS Mill Pulse LCD. And in half a year the engineers of the company developed a 3D printer JS Mill Pulse DLP.


At the end of 2017, Primo galvanizing plant. appears on the market. The specifications of this plant allow it to occupy a strong place along with expensive galvanizing plants of world famous brands.

In April 2018 our Company introduced Primo Ceramics, a new unit of equipment. This is a unit for applying nano ceramic coatings. Nano ceramic coating is a new concept in the technology of electrolytic coating. This coating has good resistance to abrasion and oxidation which is believed to be significantly higher than that of other coatings currently available in the jewelry market.

A wide range of high-tech equipment produced by JS Mill allows us to confidently state the appearance of a new player on the market of jewlery equipment ready to meet the needs of jewelry manufacturers in Ukraine and abroad. Our company is ready to cooperate, both with large jewelry factories, and private workshops.